Low DPS Doesn’t Mean “Bad Player”

Many times when I group up in World of Warcraft, and when I have in other games, some people will RAGE about DPS. I understand good DPS is important to meet the goal of the instance or task at hand, but some people take it way too seriously. Some people even take it upon themselves to rage upon others if their DPS isn’t top notch; the best of the best.


A person’s DPS could be low for a number of reasons. Many people fail miserably at thinking of even one of them and just have a DPS rage fit.

1. Assisting in heals. Typically the healer prioritizes the tank for heals since he protects the group from damage and keeps control over the mobs. For instance if I notice multiple people getting low on health I will spot heal a little bit to insure survival of the group. My DPS is lower, but it helps the group (2-4 others) survive. My little DPS for the combined DPS of the group. Fair trade if you ask me.

2. Tank assisting. If my health is good, but the tank is taking too much damage someone could temporarily take all the damage to give the actually tank a chance to regain some health. Sometimes this can be what saves a group from a wipe.

3. Keeping adds busy. Running around keeping them distracted and occasionally using attacks to freeze or stop them in their tracks.

4. Providing group support. For example. If you’re a priest you can not only help with heals, but help with shielding other group members so they take less damage. Keeping the high DPS members alive for the group is more effective. Sacrifice your DPS for the overal DPS for the group. Fair trade.

5. Debuffing. Keeping the enemy debuffed.

6. Insuring more efficient battle. Rogue goes in and saps a mob that could otherwise wander and draw more aggro.

7. Fearing/Psychic Scream (for those with the glyph to keep mobs in place): This will save some damage on the tank and the group.

8. Crowd control: Nuff said.


Point is DPS can be low for a number of reasons. Yes it’s important, but raging over low DPS is not only pointless, but rather immature. Be helpful not hurtful. If you try to give someone pointers to improve their DPS, don’t approach them with an attitude. If you do then you can’t blame them for not listening. If you approach the person politely and they respond rudely then let them be. Then it’s on them. If you reply back rudely to their rudeness, you’re just stooping to their level.


As long as the overall DPS is alright, I’m fine. I don’t and I won’t ever rage about DPS. Games are meant to be fun, not treated like a 40 hour work week job. Point is enjoy the game. Be helpful, not hurtful. Be a good sport. Show understanding. Be the better person.